Important issues

The system
Over Incarceration in America due to strict drug laws (It is their body)

Bad choices
Animal Abuse

Child Abuse



Third World Hunger 

Greedy People

Synthetic Fertilizer

Genetical Modified 

Harmful Pesticides 

I think that the best wealth iz health and many people don't even Know what is in the food that their eating. Many people try to eat  healthy but they aren't even if it looks healthy and sounds healthy. This is Because many foods that were once healthy are now stuffed with genetical modified cells and Synthetic Fertilizer (A.K.A CHEMICALS).

4-H Stewardship Program

On the 1st day our crew went up to the Olympic National Forest to pull noxious weeds. We ended up pulling a truck load of noxious weeds in just hours. This was to help surrounding plants that are food to many animals. When the crew that I was in was doing this the other crew was picking up trash to help increase the water quality in the near by watershed.

On my 2nd day our crew went out to Sequim to pick up some tools. After that we drove around 20 minutes to the spot in the Olympic National Forest. When we arrived we planted trees and berries for elk habitat in a clear cut area. We also planted trees on a decommissioned road to help it get back to it's original condition. Later that day we planted tree starts for next years elk habitat.

On my 3rd day we went at least 2 hours away from town to return hundreds of pounds of fish carcasses to a river system. The carcasses came from a fish hatchery because they were done with them. We returned them to the river to help the surrounding environment by introducing beneficial bacteria and nutrients. We got done early so we all went on a walk to see a log jam that was built to help the fish population.

On my 4th day our crew went to Notch Pass to fix up the trail we also had to clean out the drainage ditches. We went up the steep and winding trail over a half mile.We were widening the trail, taking out roots, trimming branches and taking out berry vines.


Work Day Activities:

Work Day Activities:

Noxious Weed Removal

Trash Removal (diapers, bullets, shotgun shells, mattress, motor oil, etc.)

Watershed Cleanup

Pollution Prevention

Fish Fling (reintroducing salmon to a high elevation river system)

Log jams, pebble counts

Waterproof picnic table boards

Cleanup Ranger Station parking lot (hand saw, pruning shears, McCloud, grub hoe, brooms, rakes, shovels)

Elk habitat restoration (planting forage for elk, Elderberries, alder)

Planted a decommissioned road

Planted starts in containers, moved topsoil from a pickup truck

Trail maintenance

Campground maintenance (cleaned fire pits, picked up garbage, etc.)